Caribbean Catering Enfield

Black tie caterers is a professional catering company that has been catering events in Essex and its surrounding areas for the past many years. We specialize in various kinds of catering such as the office catering, outdoor catering and one of our most famous Caribbean catering Enfield. The food we provide is of a very good quality as we only use the best ingredients to make them. People often love our food very much and recommend us to their friends and relatives as well. We possess a highly experienced and a professional team that will corporate with you on the day of the event. The catering we will do for you is not limited to tasty food only but also good presentation. We at black Tie Caterers understand that providing quality food is not the only responsibility but serving this food in exquisite setting is also very important. We put our best decorators to work in giving you a decoration for the event that will ultimately help you in making a good impression among your guests. So to benefit from some top notch catering service contacts us today.

Our Caribbean catering Enfield:

As we have talked about this before as well one of our most demanded catering is Caribbean. Authentic Caribbean cuisine is what we are offering to our customers. This is why people like it so much and call us whenever they are looking for catering services in Enfield. We are capable of doing this catering service indoor or outdoor effectively and efficiently for you. We will help you in creating an event that will be unforgettable because of the remarkable West Indian food we will make for you. You will be getting an excellent customer service with our Caribbean catering service. With the help of our highly trained and uniformed staff you will be provide with an amazing Caribbean cuisine respectively. This food will be served on the event in a buffet format or with a waitress service depending on what you are looking for. As it is your event and you get to decide how the things will be done. This is very important for us as it guarantees us absolute customer satisfaction which is our primary objective at Black Tie Caterers.

When you will call us for our Caribbean catering you have come to the right place. We will entertain you with the right Caribbean wedding food, Caribbean wedding caterers and other party catering. We will do such quality work for you that you will end up making a sizable impression on your guests.

Caribbean food we offer:

There is a wide range of Caribbean food that we offer to our customers. These are some of the top Caribbean dishes that are liked by the masses. We have some of our self-made Caribbean dishes as well. Our highly trained Caribbean chefs that have been working for a long time in the field have come up with. Our customers specially ask for these when they pay for our Caribbean catering service. Some of the dishes that we provide to our customers in our Caribbean catering include:

  • Chicken cocktail patties
  • Vegetable rotti
  • Boiled plantain, with a hot pepper dip
  • Plantain chips, with an avocado dip
  • Mixed beef vol-au-vents
  • Mutton patties
  • Roast lamb
  • Curry goat
  • Jerk pork
  • Stewed coley
  • Stewed snapper
  • Smoked salmon
  • Stew chicken

As the Caribbean food mentioned above are not the only things that we can provide you. We have a lot more to offer which you can easily view in our full Caribbean food menu section. As some of these types of dishes are not something that a regular chef could make. As for making Caribbean food special Caribbean chefs and Caribbean caterers are required. Fortunately, Black Tie Caterers do not lack in this regard as well. We possess a special team that is only responsible for our Caribbean catering. They know the inside out of the Caribbean event setting which will help you in giving a special Caribbean touch to your event.

Call us today for the best Caribbean catering in Essex and take advantage of our in demand Caribbean dishes made by our highly skilled Caribbean catering team.

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