Corporate Catering Enfield

Corporates events are not like other events. These are the events that are organized by offices for the employees. So, in case you have a business and are planning to organize an event for your employees let us no. Our company Black Tie Catering give standard corporate catering Enfield services. We plan everything classy and perfect. The ambience of the event is very professional and a perfect seating plan for your employees with the best food. We guide our clients to choose food for corporates events that are easy to eat and easy to digest at the same time.

We guarantee you that you will not regret hiring us for the catering services. Our qualified and skilled staff use all the experience to make your event a success.

Why we for corporate catering services?

We are organizing these types of events for many years. We left no room of mistake in our services. Also, we make 100% sure that the event we organize for you to become successful. Our team cooperate with the clients and make a list, what the client is expecting in the event. After that everything Is discussed by the team that is selecting to serve you in the event. For us the only thing that matter is client satisfaction. If the client is happy then we think we have done our job perfectly.

Our well-organized staff

Our staff include waiters, chefs and others too. The chefs plan a perfect menu for the event. They not only pick food that is healthy but also give so many options for your guests. On the other hand, are waiters are also got training. They arrive at the location in proper uniform. Our waiters always have a smile on the face and they greet the guests well while serving them food.

Food preparation

In the catering service, food is the base. From our experience, we know that bad food can ruin the event. We pick all the ingredients for your event on our own. We have specific suppliers who supply us the things we need. After that, our chefs wash them all and cook them fresh from scratch. If you want a live cook session in the event, we can also do that for you. Our chefs make sure that the food they prepare fed to the guests warm and fresh.

Our menu selection

It is basic as we told you above. We will not present the old same menus options for our clients. We always create a new menu specifically for your event.  The menu that fulfils all your guest requirements. As it is also mentioned on our website that we have a speciality that is Caribbean cuisine. So, adding that touch in the menu will surely be unique and a surprise for guests.

We provide you convenience

We make sure to provide convenience to the clients. Because corporates events are organized mostly for an important meeting. It is definitely a crucial time for you. At that time, you only have to stay focused. You should not be worried about that guest leaving hungry. We fed all your guests well.

We value your time and money

Time and money both are the blessings if used wisely. We have a firm believe in that. So, there is no way that we waste a client or our time and money. When you hire us for the job, we take it very seriously. We get done all the things that are required for your event within a budget you give us. Also, we keep in mind the timing so your event went smooth. There is no need for you to worry about extra charges. We are not like other firms.

On our website, you can easily find reviews of our clients. We are blessed and proud to say that all our previous clients are satisfied and happy from us. We believe in hard work. There is no way we choose any short cut. We believe that every client deserves what he asked for. We have so many different ideas that you may even don’t know to exist.

So, call us if you need to hire our services. You can get more details if you need by contacting on an official number or email.

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