Jerk Chicken

We Black Tie Catering are expert in serving authentic Caribbean food. So, if you are interested in that do contact us. Our special jerk chicken is the best all-around. You will not find it in any other place. May many don’t know but it is a classic dish of Caribbean. It goes well with any kind of event. Whether it is your wedding or you are arranging a party or an office event. Also, we serve this dish in many different ways. We will surprise you with the dishes that you may never listen before.

Our working style

We have a team of professionals. They are individually trained in making jerk chicken and have the best skills. When you hire us, we set our team. We set a meeting with a client, so we will able to know what type of catering service you want for your event. In case you need some advice, we give you happiness. There are times when a client asks us to decide on a menu. Our team will also excellently do this.

After the jerk chicken menu is set, we contact our trustworthy suppliers for the products that are required for the preparation. There is no way that we use food that is not fresh of unhealthy. Because our main priority is client and guest health.

Grand parties

We have experience in arranging parties that have a minimum of 50 guests at a time. It is the time where our catering services come to test.  We plan it in a way that everything goes smooth. As the guest arrives at an event our waiters offer them drinks. Also, many may think in buffet system may there is no need for caterers. But there is a need for staff and by hiring us you will know what exactly the services are required for every event.

Mini parties

We also don’t hesitate to serve our clients in small BBQ parties, engagement parties and even on birthdays. The menu we set for these parties is very tasty. We give a surety that it is liked by everyone.

Corporate functions catering

The planning for a corporate event is not easy. There is no chance of mistakes in these events. The clients who hire us for the catering services asked for quality services. It is because they want a good impact on there employees and the authorities they are going to meet for business. we arrange all catering at all times. Whether you want it in the morning, afternoon or at night. Our professionals will set everything for you according to the timing.

Why select us?

There are many reasons that will make us your priority for jerk chicken services. Such as:

On-time services

In jerk chicken, time management is a key and we do it very well. There is no way that the food will not serve to the guests on time. Or they have to eat food that is cold or not cooked properly. Our professionals keep an eye on everything while serving. You don’t have to take stress whether your guests are fed properly or not.

Save your money

We have all the necessaries that are required to pull off the catering job in a perfect way. Means there is no need for you to spend extra. Also, we are experts on finding jobs within the budget that provides us from the clients. You can discuss with us, in which amount you want to pull off the event. We will give you the best in that.

Proper hygiene

There is no way we prepare your food in an unhealthy environment. Or serve you in utensils that are not perfectly clean. Also, our workers wear hats and gloves while serving and preparing food. The veggies and other selection of ingredient are also fresh. After buying we wash them very nicely. So, overall, we will give you the services that you aspect form us.

You can also discuss your ideas from us. We will happily give you the results according to that. Also, you can find other details about our company on the website too. Also, the number and email address are given there. Means you can contact us at any time. So, you want an event to be successful and need the authentic Caribbean and other types too. We are here to help you.

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