Outside Catering Enfield

Black Tie Caterers is a professional catering company that has been serving in Enfield for the past few years. We specialize in catering of all types. Such as the office catering and the outside catering Enfield. Although all the catering services that we provide are very good but in particular our outside catering is loved by our customers. We serve slow roasted and smoky barbecued meats on the events catered by us which are absolutely loved by everyone. If you have not tried some of our expertly cooked meals especially BBQ you just haven’t had good barbecue!

No matter what kind of party you are looking to throw outside we have some exquisite ideas for you. To make your special events such as a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, bachelor party, family reunion or graduation party memorable we use our own unique style of catering. You won’t find a caterer in the area that is anywhere close to what we are willing to offer our customer.

Our menu for outside catering Enfield:

One of our biggest strengths as a catering company is the variety of foods we have on our menu. These foods range from BBQ to fast food. The attendants on the event that we have catered always like our food due to many reasons. Firstly we use only the best raw materials for making our food which adds a great chunk of quality to our food. Furthermore we have some of the best cooks among our ranks that specialize in making exquisite meals.

For fun and festive events we offer a very good BBQ style food. We make catering your next event easy and stress free. We do this by incorporating southern hospitality, quality food, and entertainment to ensure a good time is had by all. We do not offer our customers items from our menus only we also do customized food menus. Which means we give the freedom of choosing food depending on what they like or want at their party. Regardless of this we still put our finest cooks to work to give you food that you like with the best taste possible. On the other hand if you are unsure of what you should serve your guests at the event we will help you out. One of our professional outside caterer will recommend you some dishes that will suit the overall theme of your party. This way you can throw a memorable outside party for your friends or family.

Outside bars in our outside catering Enfield:

Black tie caterers supply the services of open bars to their customers when they get their outside parties catered by us. We supply this across all of Enfield and surrounding areas. The outside bars we offer are free standing that you can use anyway you like at your own venues. All the equipment and the workforce that is needed to run the bar is included in the catering plan we provide. All of these things are located before the event begins at the venue of your choice.

Once the bar is set outside we will offer a wide range of beverages including the Larger, Beers, Wine, Champagne, Spirits and Bottled drinks. Furthermore we can also offer beverages according to your liking.

Our event team:

We have an extensive experience of the catering services. Our professional and highly skilled event team know the inside out of how to organize an outside event. They know exactly what needs to be done in order to provide you with an unforgettable event. They are capable of planning events from wedding to corporate events effectively and efficiently. They are very good at communication so you won’t have to worry about anything. They will be fully corporative and listen to each and every one of your requirement carefully. Then deliver you everything according to your requirements. They will suggest you some good outside decorations ideas or else decorate the place according to your liking.

So whenever you are looking to throw an unforgettable outside party for your friends or family. Give us a chance at Black Tie Caterers to deliver the best value for your money.

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